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Koko draws line in the sand, says INC case must be investigated

Aug 30, 2015 @ 15:34

Here’s one politiko who is not afraid to say that the illegal detention case filed against Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) leaders must be investigated by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Administration lawmaker Senator Koko Pimentel bared in a DZBB interview Sunday that he disagrees with the INC demonstrators’ call for the administration to keep its hands off the case all because it’s an internal matter”.

“Pag-rally isyu iyon ng freedom of assembly, pero kailangan dumaan sa procedure, just any others, kailangan may permit, and comply with the condition ng permit,” Pimentel said, referring to the INC members’ defiant “occupy EDSA” move.

“Pero iyong sa substance na hinihingi nila na wag i-prioritize, medyo disagree naman ako doon, kasi dapat ang panawagan natin sa DOJ i-prioritize lahat, Pakibilisan ito, wag aksyunan ito, hindi ganon,” he added.

Former INC minister Isaias Samson Jr. earlier lodged an illegal detention complaint before the Justice department against officials of the influential Christian sect, which is said to be in disarray.

Pimentel noted that only a proper probe can determine if the case–which he described as “very serious”–has merits or not.

“Anong malay natin kapag binilisan ang aksyon baka madismis naman ang reklamo. Ganoon po iyon. Lahat naman kasi kapag ang isang tao nagfile ng criminal complaint, iyong kasong iyon mahalaga sa isang tao iyon, mahalaga sa taong nag-complain kasi ang feeling niya na-violate ang karapatan niya,” explained Pimentel, a lawyer.

As such, he advised the DOJ to fast track the case instead of leaving it be, like what the INC faithful wants it to do.

“Ngayon kapag nalaman kong that this is an internal matter, I will no longer continue pero kapag nalaman ito it involves public crime I have to continue.”

Other politikos have taken a safer stance on the ongoing rally of INC, which imposes a bloc-voting policy on its enlightened and obedient members. (Samantha A. Giron)

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  • Pat tan


  • yoib

    very well said…

  • Mang-Que Po


  • Vhot Tansengco

    it’s law-gically true,we have to abide by the law

  • rommel me

    dear UP, please produce more lawyers like this please

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    Tama!!! Kesa yung ibang pulitiko na duwag.

  • Henry Rafael B. Posadas

    Ano bang protest nila? Dahil ba may kasong illigal detention leader nila at dahil may charge ng corruption? Anong separation of church and state sinasabi nila eh hindi sila maka boto ng sarili nilang isisp, dapat may blessing ni Manalo. Alam ba nila ibig sabiin ng separation of church and state? The state has every right to investigate the charges and voting should be independent of church meddling. Wise up, parati nalang nagpapaloko. INC means Incorporated pala. Meaning Manalo Inc.

  • arnel tiang

    mr senator koko pimentel.paki turuan po c bobong binay.escudero, batas ng pilipinas.mukhang wala clang alam,lakas ng loob tumakbo sa higher position.bobo naman sa batas!!!!!!

  • Ian

    Dapat sa senator alam Batas pero dapat alam din constitution, hindi tulad ni Poe, Escudero tsaka Binay bopol. Go! Sen. Koko

    • cheri

      buti nga this early nakikilala na ntn ang tunay ng kulay ng mga wannabes na ‘yan! mga sipsip din pala! sorry, pero nawaln nko ng tiwala kay grace at chiz, but like i said, buti na rin na this early nakikita na ntn true colors nila!

      • danny

        Alam na alam nila Chiz Escudero & Binay ang batas pero pinipilit nilang palitawin na puti yung itim upang sila ay ma bendisyunan ng boto ng INC. Palakasan ng sipsip sa INC hierarchy! Makukuha nila ang boto ng mga bobotanteng INC members, pero mas madami ang nawalang boto ng mga may sariling isip at nag-iisip na mga Pilipino.

  • Val D

    Tumbok, Tama Salamat di nasayang boto ko kay Sen Pimentel pero GAGO ka escudero sinayang mo boto ko sa’yo at kay poe siya na bet ko sana sa Presidency biglang atras ako , kay binayupak inilibing ko na matagal na

  • Nonoy Lorilla

    no one above the law if it is crime in philippines government constitution.okey ako k delima at senator koko and roxas stands for the right.bakit matakot ang mga inc kong walang ginawang mali ang pamunuan nila?any one have the right and must protected by our government kahit iglesia kapa ni kulapo!

  • Jomex
  • Ariel Delas Alas

    totoong nagaral ang taong ito, ginagamit nya ng tama ang pinag aralan nya.pwede syang vice president ng Pilipinas

  • The root of the problem is the ability and POWER of one organization to dictate the outcome of the election — to demand from their members to vote for their favored and chosen candidate official.

    You remove this power and that organization will return to its main purpose — that is to guide their flock in their path of righteousness. Clearly a separation of the powers of the State and of Religion.

    Technically speaking, campaigning for a candidate official is not illegal because you are merely offering a suggestion to voters on who they should vote and inform them what are their available platforms.

    BUT, if they are already campaigning and using their positions to instruct who to vote that should already be ILLEGAL, especially if your position entails higher responsibility such us being in a religious order or civic organization.

    There should be a law prohibiting anyone occupying a national or local position in a religious or civic organization that has a nationwide coverage from engaging in any political endorsement or campaigning activities.

    It should be a NON-BAILABLE and CRIMINAL offense as it destroys the very fabric of the principle of “rights to suffrage” by the individual that it should be free from coercion and intimidation.


    I am calling all Congressmen and Senators loyal and patriotic to this nation to make an enabling law that will declare block voting as an illegal practice as it clearly destroys the credibility of any processes of a democratic election. The free will of the citizenry, as guaranteed by the Constitution, must be primarily safeguarded and protected by the policing powers of the state.

    Make Block Voting ILLEGAL as a NON-BAILABLE act and CRIMINALLY punishable. Any religious or civic organization that promotes this deplorable act must be made answerable, as they are not above the law.

    This practice is being used by the select few as a bargaining tool and to blackmail by forcing the hand of our elected executive and legislative officials, from the local level up to the highest office in the land. Even in the judiciary, they indirectly benefit from this ILLEGAL practice, as judges, prosecutors, clerks of courts, and others gets promoted to their desired positions from the nomination of the elected official.

    Block Voting clearly destroys the intrinsic right of the individual to make and decide for their own fate. An organization that clearly dictates what actions the individual must take and bends his free will into submission clearly destroys the protection of his rights to suffrage, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Block voting is a shameless act that divides the nation. It is the root of corruption and graft in government at all levels. The promise of a block vote for an elected official has plenty of strings attached to it. It makes a mockery to that elected official as this makes him/her no less than a toy puppet controlled by a puppet master.

    An exchange of favors that clearly put the nation in a disadvantage. A candidate official that requests for the block vote support thereafter the organization requests for “small” favor should the official wins and gets the position. In effect, this is already a form of bribery which must be stopped immediately.

    I am asking all Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators who loves this country to act independently and don’t get swayed by a false promise of a block vote. You are not toy puppets. You are not dummies. Have the courage to stand up on your beliefs. You are OUR representatives. You collectively represent our rights and freedom.

    Don’t get intimidated that you will lose favor or your position because the MAJORITY of the Filipino people will judge you based on your accomplishments.


    Share and pass the idea… kung apektado kayo sa ganito maling kalakaran para po umabot sa ating mga pinagkakatiwalaan sa Kongreso at Senado na tunay na ipaglalaban ang karapatan ng sambayanan. Para eto sa ikauunlad at sa seguridad ng bansa. Kaya napapapanahon na eto dapat wakasan.

    Follow this link:

    or copy paste all the text to your wall. God bless the Philippines kong mahal!

  • Butanding

    Mabuhay ka Senator Koko Pimentel saka si Sec De Lima

  • batman

    Bakit nyo ba hate ang Iglesia? Nagnenegosyo lang ang tao eh… 😀


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