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Kris Aquino appeals to Duterte: Please don’t jail my brother

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President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that celebrity Kris Aquino reached out to him not to put his brother, former President Noy Aquino, to jail for the botched Mamasapano mission where 44 Special Action Forces perished two years ago.

In a speech last Monday, Duterte said said Kris texted him asking him “huwag mo naan ipakulong si.. (don’t jail my..)” apparently referring to her brother.

Duterte explained to her that “I am not out to find fault, I’m just to find out the truth” on h=what happened on January 25, 2015 when SAF troopers were pinned down and died waiting in vain for military air support which did not come.

He questioned why no chopper with rocket launchers were deployed to help the SAF troopers who were gunned down like fish in a barrel by Moro rebels and bandits. “I did not ask who made a mistake or who received (the reward money),” said Duterte.

Kris’ appeal appeared to have worked as the President announced that he decided to drop his plan to form a fact-finding commission to fill up the unanswered questions in the Mamasapano massacre.

Duterte explained that the Ombudsman has a pending probe on the Mamasapano massacre and he wanted to avoid having incongruous findings from two bodies.

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