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La Salle’s Leloy Claudio comes out as a proud ‘Yellowtard:’ Better to have an oligarch than a mass murderer!

May 20, 2017 @ 20:08

From being a critic of the previous administration, De La Salle University (DLSU) history professor Lisandro Elias “Leloy” Claudio has admitted to being a fan of former President Benigno Aquino III– and he’s proud to be called a “Yellowtard.”

In an opinion piece posted on, Claudio said he feels nostalgic over the time when Aquino and his allies were in power now that it’s President Rodrigo Duterte calls the shots.

While Aquino and the Liberal Party are by no means great– “they are part of a political system that has consistently failed the majority of Filipinos”– the former professor at the Ateneo de Manila University said he misses the former administration because Duterte is turning out to be the worse alternative.

“With an authoritarian as president, however, I have come to realize that we should value liberal democrats, however feckless they seem. Better a slightly inefficient oligarch than a mass murderer,” he said.

Even if Aquino should be faulted for failing to act on the farmers’ plight at the family owned Hacienda Luisita, Claudio said Duterte has proved he’s more elitist by waging a drug war systematically targeting the poor.

“We have lost so much since PNoy was driven back to Times Street: our sovereignty vis-a-vis the Chinese, a certain level of sanity in our political speech, the admiration of the international community, and our respect for basic human rights. And while we may have gotten rid of people like de los Reyes and the much-maligned Emilio Abaya, we are now subject to the likes of Wigman and Mocha Uson,” he said.

If Aquino strengthened certain institutions during his term, Claudio said the same cannot be said of Duterte, who “has tarnished the reputation of constitutional bodies like the Ombudsman and the CHR, appointed liars to communications offices, insulted the DFA by initially designating an unqualified American as its head, turned the Department of Justice into a vehicle for vendettas, and, worst of all, he has brutalized the police.”

Suffice it to say, the drastic changes that have happened since Duterte rose to power has made Claudio change his mind about the administration he once vilified.

“So, yes, I am a proud yellowtard. I am yellowtard because, while I believe in change, I believe in slow, responsible change that does not have a body toll of 8,000. I am a yellowtard because basic democracy represents basic decency,” he said.

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  • rhenz

    Of course, he wants as yellowtard oligarch just because they have the same mindset and outlooks which is in reverse with the masses that needed a strong leader to implement a maximum changes for the betterment of the new generation’s future and the whole country. We’ve been deceived for the long-long years by allowing our most poorest filipino fellows to be a drug-addicts and become our country a NARCO-STATE that makes them more riches and the root causes of almost all crimes happened in different areas of every region in this country.

    • bobbisilver

      although the drug problem is a serious issue, we are far from turning into a narco-state. your president has exaggerated his statistics and you and your kind digested the false information as if it were gospel truth. the problem of drugs is rooted from poverty. you solve poverty, you help solve the drug problem. your president’s methods is to get rid of the users so that the suppliers will have no more market to sell their illegal products to. upfront, it appears like it is a great yet simple solution to rid the country of drugs. but you and your kind fail to see the unlawful, bloody and downright immoral intricacies of your presidents so called war. you hate the oligarchs for neglecting the poor but your president is murdering the poor! which do you think is worse? oh and by the way, another problem in this country is that the poor is deprived of quality education. this problem has left many of us to maintain a narrow minded point of view of the things that happen around us. many of us hardly use critical thinking because the kind of educational system we have does not promote critical thinking which is needed so that you and your kind will learn how to discern more deeply into the country’s problems. tell your president to improve the educational system for the poor so the next generation of filipinos will have less shortsighted, gullible people like you.

      • Negalola

        Without the gullible voters, Duterte would not have won the elections so he will be the last person to impose education on all Filipinos. In fact, he even appointed Mocha Uson to be ASec of the PCOO to dumb down the nation some more with her fake news. The dumber the 16M are, the longer he stays in power.

    • Joey Rivera

      You describe mindset to be a problem with the dudes post however yoh also full of your own mindshit about your own tboughs about how good things are with our present drug problem and that elimination of people is the proper venue for tbe curse of many countries! Why do you grow up and listen to your conscience once in a while !!!

  • bobbisilver

    i admire leloy’s admission for being a yellowtard. i still however believe that pinoys will be better off being non-partisan. we should not be pro-duterte nor pro-yellow nor pro marcos etc. the filipinos need pro-filipino citizens.


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