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Laban pa rin! De Lima won’t stop tirades vs. Duterte in jail

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Despite submitting herself for arrest, Senator Leila de Lima has vowed to put up a good fight against the administration “up to my very last breath.”

“If they think that by jailing me, I will turn my back on my principles, they are mistaken. Instead, they have encouraged me more to pursue truth and justice,” she said in a statement issued Friday (February 24).

“I am innocent. I have never betrayed and I will never betray the trust of my country and the Filipino people,” De Lima stressed.

The senator also said that she’s already prepared herself to be the first political prisoner under the regime of the Duterte administration that obviously has “evil and dangerous plans” and that is to have her an example to those who dare challenge them.

As shown in the past, immediately after Duterte assumed the presidency, the senator said the President has brought in the entire machinery of the government just so she could be silenced, destroyed, without any credibility and honor.

“They really have such nerve, all of them! Of course it would take you this long to manufacture lies against me! There must be so much Fentanyl in Mr. Duterte’s brain, for him to have the gall to boast of the testimonies of their witnesses who are convicted drug lords, and whose statements contradict each other.Liars! Hypocrites!” she lamented.

“If they can do this to a sitting senator, what is stopping the administration from doing the same to ordinary Filipinos?” De Lima asked.

The senator assured that she will continue to fulfill her duties as senator even in prison and answer all the charges hurled at her in the proper time and venue.

“Even as I continue to be persecuted by this government, for as long as I live, I will continue fighting the good fight up to my very last breath,” she said.

“To Mr. Duterte: Stop the killings now! Stop harassing me, stop this madness! Instead, the Filipino people are begging for your undivided attention to address the myriad problems our country face,” De Lima said.