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Lacson laments DOJ downgrade of charges vs Marcos, CIDG 8: Takes back praise for DOJ

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The Senate may have spoken too soon in commending the Department of Justice for pursuing charges against police personnel involved in the killing of Albuera, Leyte mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. last year.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson said this after the DOJ reportedly recommended the downgrade of charges against Superintendent Marvin Marcos and company from murder to the bailable charge of homicide.

“I guess we spoke too soon in commending the DOJ when it recommended the filing of information indicting Supt. Marcos for double murder in spite of the loud and repeated pronouncements of the President to the contrary,” Lacson said.

He was referring to reports that the DOJ downgraded the charges against Marcos and company from murder to homicide, effectively allowing them to post bail.

Earlier, the findings by the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs headed by Lacson indicated the killing of Mayor Espinosa last November was premeditated.

It also noted there may have been abuse of authority by the police personnel involved in the killing.

With the DOJ’s move to downgrade the charges, Lacson said it is “but fitting” that the Senate now denounce the same DOJ, which he said “has now turned around and reneged on its mandate to service justice in a way that the blindfolded lady holding the scale would have wanted it.”