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In leaked transcript, Duterte hopes China can control ‘madman’ Kim Jong Un

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President Rodrigo Duterte sees North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a “madman” who’s capable of blowing off the earth with his “toys:” nuclear weapons.

Duterte shared his views on Kim during his phone conversation with United States President Donald Trump on April 29. A transcript of their talk was leaked online earlier this week.

In their conversation, the President said Kim is “not stable” since “he keeps on smiling when he explodes a rocket.”

“He even has gone against China which is the last country he should rebuke. But it seems from his face– he is laughing always and there’s a dangerous toy in his hands which could create so much agony and suffering for all mankind,” Duterte told Trump.

Asked by Trump if he thinks China has power over Kim, Duterte answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, at the end of the day, the last card, the ace has to be with China. It’s only China. He is playing with his bombs, his toys and from the looks of it, his mind is not working well and he might just go crazy one moment,” the President said.

“Every generation has a mad man– in our generation is Kim Jung Un (sic)– you are dealing with a very delicate problem,” Duterte told Trump.

In response, the US President assured Duterte that they “can handle” Kim.

However, he also said he’s hopeful China will “solve” the problem regarding the North Korean leader.

“They really have the means because a great degree of their stuff come through China,” Trump said.

Duterte said he will try to call Chinese President Xi Jinping to tell him to keep up the pressure on Kim to maintain the peace in the Korean Peninsula.

Trump told Duterte to tell Xi he is counting on him.

“I have a very good relationship with him. I had him in Florida for two days and got to know him well. He is a good guy,” Trump said of Xi.