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Amid #LeniLeaks controversy, Loida Nicolas Lewis defends right to speak about PH politics

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She may now be living a good life abroad but Filipino-American implicated in the #LeniLeaks controversy has defended her right to speak about Philippine politics.

In a Facebook post, Loida Nicolas Lewis said she like other overseas Filipino workers still have the right to get involved in developments back in the country, adding it was “wrong” to demean their comments.

“At least one out of every eight Filipinos lives overseas. Our remittances are a major boost for the Philippine economy. Just because we are Overseas Filipinos (OFs) does not mean that we have lost our right to be involved in or speak out on developments in our home country,” she said.

“Like myself, many of us are dual citizens and therefore retain our full rights as Filipinos. It is therefore wrong to disparage or demean comments from overseas Filipinos. We have a right, even a duty, to be involved in our homeland and participate as much as we can in its politics,” she added.

Lewis is among the Vice President Leni Robredo supporters tagged in the alleged plot to oust President Détente. Her name was identified in the anti-Duterte email conversations that were leaked online.

Lewis, however, also seized the opportunity to highlight her contribution to Philippine development, citing the establishment of a school in Sorsogon.

“I founded The Lewis College in my hometown of Sorsogon, which is offers low and affordable tuition for college in the Bicol Region, and about 25% of those in College are on scholarship. It is in that spirit of caring and brotherhood that we speak out on developments in the Philippines. We will continue to do so because if we did not, we would be untrue to who we are: Filipinos, like you,” she said.