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Listen up Trump! Duterte to stress PH’s refusal to be dictated on in ASEAN Summit

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President Rodrigo Duterte may enjoy cozy relations with United States President Donald Trump, but he won’t let his American counterpart call the shots on how the country should be run.

At the relaunch of the refurbished New Executive Building press briefing room Thursday (October 12), Duterte said he will stress the Philippines’ independence when he speaks before world leaders at the 31st ASEAN Summit in November.

“So we will not allow anybody, not even the United States to dictate on us. And I will tell it straight during the November in the ASEAN. Ibubuga ko lahat talaga,” he said.

Duterte made the remark after lashing out at the European Union over its supposed threat to expel the Philippines from the United Nations (UN).

Malacañang, however, later clarified that Duterte only launched a tirade against the EU over the statement of some European parliamentarians calling for a stop to the drug-related killings.

In his speech, the President reminded Europe of its history of colonizing other countries centuries ago.

“You’re the last vestiges of imperialism in this part of the world. You idiots came to our lands, Indonesia, Malaysia. Dutch for Indonesia, Malaysia for the British; and the Philippines for the Americans and Spaniards, and you have the gall to say to us, ‘We will expel you.’ Son of a b****,” he said.

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