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Lodi si mommy! Brion shares Bar taker’s drive to finish exams after giving birth

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A woman who took the Bar exams in 2016 proved childbirth cannot be a hindrance to one who aspires to become an abogado.

In his November 7 column for the Manila Bulletin, retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Arturo Brion shared the inspiring story of a Bar examinee who decided to push through with the tests four days after giving birth.

Unknown to many, Brion said the Supreme Court has medical personnel on standby at the University of Santo Tomas to respond to any medical emergency that may be experienced by the Bar examinees.

“The Court’s medical preparation came to good use in last year’s Bar exam when a pregnant examinee gave birth in the middle of the week, in between exams, and insisted on pushing through with her Bar exam the following Sunday,” he said.

“The Court respected her wishes and she was allowed to continue under ‘special exam’ conditions, i.e., in an assigned special room under the watch of the Court’s medical personnel,” he added.

Brion said the woman not only finished the Bar exams in full, but she also passed.

“Unfortunately, the Court has no record of how she named her Bar baby,” he quipped.