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Luis Manzano defends Vilma Santos: Ulcer attack prevented mom to vote vs CHR budget cut

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Batangas Rep. Vilma Santos Recto is opposed to the budget cut of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) but was unable to register her vote due to her illness.

Actor Luis Manzano argued in defense of her mother to clarify conflicting reports that she was supposedly in favor of the P1,000 budget for the CHR.

“First, my mom is against the 1k budget of the CHR. Second, she wasn’t able to vote since she was about to be confined and was/is under meds,” the actor tweeted.

“Unfortunately, she was not able to attend/vote. She was almost confined yesterday (Tuesday),” he added.

Luis also posted a screenshot of his mother’s text message about her position on the CHR budget.

“I am against cutting the budget of CHR. They have a duty to perform its Constitutional mandate. With so much crimes/EJKs (extra judicial killings) – it meds more resources for these investigations. Ito ang sang Ahensya na tumutulong sa karapatang pang tao!!”

“I wasn’t able to attend yesterday’s session cause i had an ulcers attack. But will work today!! Thankssss Anak!,” she added.