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Lumambot na! Duterte denies telling cops to kill drug suspects: Sabi ko lang humayo kayo at magtrabaho

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President Rodrigo Duterte has denied ordering policemen to kill drug suspects, amid the backlash on the administration’s bloody war on drugs.

In his speech before ASEAN leaders Wednesday (October 25), Duterte said there is no truth to the allegation that extrajudicial killings have happened under his watch.

He said he had been threatening to kill drug suspects since he was mayor, only because of the severity of the narcotics problem in the country.

“So when I became mayor, I had to do something with my mouth. And I said, ‘I would kill you, if you destroy my city,” Duterte said.

As a former prosecutor, the President said he was frustrated whenever cases were dismissed because the policemen assigned to them refused to testify. .

“And those are the sorrow— sorrows that I had to deal with. So I said, ‘Do not do it in my city.’ But I did not tell any policeman, for the life of me, to kill just everybody perhaps sitting down or kneeling in front of the police with his hands outstretched in surrender. That is really murder,” he said.

“I am sure that there never was a time that I said, ‘Go out and just kill the criminals. It’s always been, ‘Go out, do not be afraid. I will support you,’” he said.

Results of a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey conducted from September 23 to 27 showed only 37 percent of Filipinos believe the police’s claim that they killed drug suspects because they resisted or in local parlance, “nanlaban.”

Seventeen percent, meanwhile, believe the police are telling the truth.