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Magsama na kayo! Duterte tells ‘Reds’, ‘Yellows’ to join massive anti-gov’t rally on Sept. 21

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Will the left join forces with the “yellows” identified with the previous Aquino administration? President Rodrigo Duterte thinks it’s possible– and is even encouraging it.

Duterte has urged all his critics to band together in anticipation of the September 21 protest that a civil society group will stage at Luneta.

In an interview over state-run PTV-4 aired Friday (September 15), Duterte said leftist groups have threatened to bring Lumads from indigenous communities to join their rally.

“Hindi ko malaman dito, wala pa kaming analysis eh. Kung sumasakay ang dilaw sa left o ang left ang sumasakay sa dilaw. Pero magsama-sama na kayo. Wala akong — Ang gusto ko magsama kayo lahat na may hinanakit sa akin,” he said.

The President said even those who lost their loved ones can join the protest against him as long as they don’t break the law.

He said he will not order the police or military to arrest anyone if the protest remains peaceful.

“Huwag lang ho kayong gumawa ng kalokohan, magsira, ganun,” Duterte said.

The Movement Against Tyranny is set to hold a rally in Luneta against Duterte on September 21, the 45th anniversary of the declaration of martial law.

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