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Makitid ang isip! Duterte says curses are for one-sided critics of drug war

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President Rodrigo Duterte said he deliberately curses critics of his bloody drug war because of their myopic view of the problem in the country.

Fresh from his visit to Vietnam for the APEC Summit (November 12), Duterte said he dislikes his critics’ seeming invitation for other countries to condemn the government’s campaign against illegal drugs.

“Kaya ako, nagsusuplado. Kaya ako narinig mo, minumura ko sila. Talagang sinasadya ko ‘yan, binabastos ko sila kasi ka-simpleng problema, tingnan mo, bakit hindi mo tingnan sa kabila?” he asked.

Instead of just counting the dead bodies, Duterte said his critics should also account for how the illegal drug menace destroyed people’s lives.

“Ilan bang bata namatay? Ilang mga anak natin ngayon na sira ang buhay? Eh biro mo, they keep on repeating the numbers of EJK-EJK. Kung ako nga, sabihin lang nila, oh sige,” he said.

Asked what he thinks of the opioid crisis in the United States, Duterte said he wil not say something out of respect for US President Donald Trump.

“I have my own problem and he will just say to me, ‘Take care of your problem. There’s a lot of mess around there in your country, so why mess up with me?'” he said.