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Mar Roxas dismayed by Duterte’s abolition of Negros island region: Sayang!

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Former Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas has expressed concern that the economic development of Negros provinces would slow down following President Duterte’s decision to dissolve the region.

“Sayang. With NIR dissolution, mga Negrense will be traveling farther and spending more for services and Negros Occidental and Oriental development will be slower,” Roxas tweeted.

The President has issued an executive order No. 38 revoking a directive by then President Aquino that combined the two Negros provinces into one single region. Duterte’s order effectively returned Negros Occidental to Region 6 and Negros Oriental to Region 7.

Duterte said Aquino’s order would “require substantial appropriation to be fully operational, thus, competing with government priority programs and projects for funding.”