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Mareng Winnie can’t get how Duterte gets away with dirty mouth while Roxas falls from grace the one time he cursed in public

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Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Winnie Monsod is still baffled why President Rodrigo Duterte has been embraced by the public despite his propensity to lace his speeches with profanities and misogyny.

While former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas was buried for saying “putang ina” just one time in a protest rally at Ayala Avenue in Makati City nine years ago as he let out what he thought was the public’s indignation over the corruption cases hounding then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“What was the effect of this public outburst of profanity? Almost universal condemnation: Behavior not worthy of a national official. Behavior not worthy of a gentleman. A fall from grace,” Monsod wrote in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

While that one moment of indiscretion probably costs Roxas the vice presidential race in 2010, Monsod said Duterte’s machine gun fire of “expletives” and rape jokes has been defended by the President’s supporters as a mere reflection of the frustration of Filipinos

“Does this constitute progress—a sea change in our culture in nine years? Or is our sipsip (fawning) mentality dooming us to hearing and wincing at that foul mouth for the next five years? But if that is the case, what will be the impact on our children and our culture?” asked Monsod who still can’t accept what the surveys have shown as the new normal.