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Marked for death: Duterte says if he gets killed, blame CIA

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President Rodrigo Duterte fed more fuel to the fire of rumors of a sinister plot by local groups funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to bring him down from power and prevent his plan to pivot from the United States to rivals Russia and China.

”‘Yan CIA stop fucking. One day, I will just drive you away. It’s either they or your cahoots here will have to kill me or you have to get out of my country. Choose. Basta ako sabihin ko sa Pilipino, ‘pag namatay ako, America na ‘yan. CIA na ‘yan,” said Duterte in a speech.

Duterte renewed his attacks on the American’s clandestine moves to destabilize his government, citing news site Rappler as being funded by the US and billionaire George Soros as the main backer of Human Rights Watch.

“So you think that you are the conscience of the people? That you are the right ones because you are the white? Excuse me. Are we talking of a monkey here or… Kung magsalita kayo, akala ninyo,” Duterte said.

“Sabihin mo sa kanila. Go ahead and fund more. So that we can always transfer… there’s always China and Russia. What should we worry?
‘Pag may mga bagong barko diyan na maganda na Chinese character, kaibigan natin ‘yan, China ‘yan. Kung ‘yung parang drawing drawing na… Hindi mo maintindihan ‘yang… Russian ‘yan. Amerikano, ‘wag ‘yan,” he added.

Duterte explained why he preferred Russia and China over the US: “Bakit idol ko sila? Kasi marunong silang magrespeto. Kayong mga putang ina kayo, akala sinong…Go ahead.”