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Might is right! Duterte says due process, human rights won’t protect against evil

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President Rodrigo Duterte has scoffed at advocates of due process and human rights, saying they are wrong to think it will protect them against evil.

In his speech at the turnover of a drug rehabilitation facility in Samal Island Friday (February 24), Duterte defended his administration’s aggressive campaign against crime and illegal drugs.

“You forgot to look at the other side. How about evil? You’re only focusing on the illegal drug users, relying on due process and human rights. You think that those two basic principles can protect you. Well I’ll tell you, I’m sorry. It cannot,” he said.

Duterte said “there’s no turning back” on his crackdown on criminals and drug pushers since part of his oath as President was to protect the Filipino people.

“Do not rely on due process and human rights. It won’t pass, we will still see each other in hell,” he said.

Duterte has earned criticism from human rights advocates for the use of force in his campaign against drugs and crime.