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Naghihintay lang ng bwelo? Here’s why Trump asked Duterte to sing

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United States President Donald Trump asked President Rodrigo Duterte to sing at the ASEAN Summit gala dinner hosted for heads of state because he saw his Filipino counterpart doing something interesting.

Duterte’s spokesperson, Harry Roque, told reporters Monday (November 13) that Trump requested the President to belt out a tune after he caught him humming over dinner.

Several artists performed for the heads of state at the gala dinner held Sunday (November 12) at the SMX Convention Center.

Heeding Trump’s request, Duterte sang “Ikaw” with Pilita Corales.

Trump described the gala dinner as a “fantastic” event.

“I thought last night’s event was fantastic, tremendous talent. Most of them I guess from the Philippines. But tremendous talent. Musical talent, dance talent and we really had a tremendous time, all of the leaders,” Trump told reporters during his bilateral meeting with Duterte.