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Napaalis dahil kay misis! Sueno sacked over wife’s meddling in DILG deals

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Three undersecretaries of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) had to report Secretary Ismael Sueno to President Rodrigo Duterte after being fed up with his wife’s meddlesome ways.

According to Politiko’s source, Undersecretaries John Castriciones, Jesus Hinlo and Emilie Padilla didn’t like how Sueno’s wife, Jocelyn, a businesswoman, sought control of lucrative contracts within the DILG.

Jocelyn’s insistence on being involved in deals made by the agency reportedly caused friction between Sueno and his three undersecretaries.

The DILG executive insinuated as much in the letter they sent recently to President Rodrigo Duterte when they said that Sueno refused to investigate allegations that “his wife is the one in charge of many contracts and other transactions.”

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella has confirmed that Sueno was sacked by Duterte during the Cabinet meeting on April 3.

However, Abella told reporters on Tuesday (April 4) it was not just the letter detailing Sueno’s supposed wrongdoing that prompted the President to fire him.

“It’s more than just the letter,” he said.