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Oh no you don’t. If speculation is rife about the Vice President’s condition or state of health, it is no different from the kind of speculation that accused President Rodrigo Duterte of being a Fentanyl addict.

The major difference? The president made disclosure. The Vice President has been silent on her trip and in the ensuing speculation has stubbornly refused to acknowledge the public’s reasonable request.

And it IS reasonable.

The Vice President is the direct successor of the president. If something should happen to the president, succession is immediate since the law abhors a vacuum, national security requires a head of state and a commander in chief. She must be in a position to take over at all times. Thus leaving the country is a matter for the public to inquire into because, what if she can’t or won’t come back?

Furthermore, it is also in the public interest if the VP should take a vacation, she is after all, in the public payroll. Her “bosses” would like to know the where and the why of her trip.

And finally, that medical condition. As a direct successor of the president her state of health or lack thereof is in the public interest. Especially since she is seen as supporting ouster moves. Gusto mong mag-take over, di ka pala pwede? Never mind if the incapacity may be temporary.

It therefore behooves the public to take exception to the statement issued by the VP’s supporters that looking for Leni is troll behavior or “hate.” It isn’t. The constitution demands transparency in all its officials. They cannot require it of the president and then gloss over it when the VP decides to take a vacation.