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National photobomber breaks silence! Bong Go explains P3M hike in Duterte’s net worth

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Special Assistant to the President Bong Go for once did the talking for President Rodrigo Duterte after his boss gave the media the run around on why his net worth increased by P3 million in just six moths.

“Election excess,” said Go during an impromptu briefing with the President at the Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong Saturday. The President was en route to Beijing.

“He just paid income tax,” Go added in Visaya.

Go had been aching to interject in the press conference after Duterte told media his yarn that the bump in his net worth came from a “sugar mommy” named Vanessa.

Based on his Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN), Duterte’s net worth rose by P3.35 million to P27.43 million as of the end of 2016, from P24.08 million, in June 2016 when he took office.