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No, Alan, the President isn’t sick: Abella says Duterte is in ‘excellent’ condition, he’s just resting

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It appears that Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano is out of the loop when it comes to President Rodrigo Duterte’s state of health.

Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella said the President was in the pink of health contrary to Cayetano’s claim that the President skipped his first Independence Day celebration as chief executive last June 12 (Cayetano subbed for the President and raised the flag with Vice President Leni Robredo).

“The President is actually in excellent health, except for the fact that his schedule had been brutal. I mean, you have to credit the President, considering everything, that he has been actually honoring the military dead, the civilian dead, and he has been actually going around,” said Abella in a briefing.

“In fact, he would have wanted to be at the symbolic raising and honoring of the dead. However, the fact is he was already doing it for the rest of the week. So I think we need to allow him a few rest. He was actually on top of the situation, however, he was — he also needed rest,” he added.

Cayetano told reporters that the President’s busy schedule had taken its toll on the 72-year old leader.
“You know the President has been working 24/7, meeting the troops, meeting the commanders, and then late last night, visiting the wounded and mga namatay. So that’s why this morning, he didn’t feel that well. Nothing to worry about, but it’s better for him to rest muna this morning,” Cayetano said.

Abella said did not need to get a doctor’s advice to rest because “his own body” told him to slow down.

After taking a rest day on July 12, Abella said the President has also taken the day off on July 13. Abella couldn’t say how long the President’s body told him to rest.

“Your body tells you that, you know. So but anyway, having said that, he is resting these days. Today he is resting, it’s private time. The appointments given to us are calibrated, given daily. There’s some long-term appointments yes. But as of today, he is… We know that he has private time. Let’s all wish him well,” said Abella.