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No PR team to promote my image – Koko Pimentel

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Senate President Koko Pimentel on Monday said the 7% jump in his approval ratings is a “tribute” to the performance of all senators, and not just himself.

In its June 2017 performance rating survey, the Pulse Asia reported that Pimentel got 62% approval, a significant increase over the 55% he received in the March 2017 edition of the same survey.

“I am glad that 62% approve of my work as Senate President, especially since I do not have a professional PR team dedicated to positively promoting my image.

“However, since I was rated on my performance as Senate President, the credit must go to the entire Senate, the majority and the minority included,” Pimentel said.

Pimentel said he was glad that the public appreciated the accomplishments of the Senate which were achieved by senators working as part of a collegial body.

“Hence, I would like to congratulate all the other senators for their hard work. Thanks must also be given to the media for bringing to the public’s attention all that we are doing in the Senate,” he added.