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Reli German: (T)Horn on the Side: Retire or Rematch?


The only time I watched Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao fight live was in November 2006 in Las Vegas when he squared off with Erik Morales. My buddy Edu Manzano had an extra ringside ticket to the bout and thankfully gave it to me.

During the fight, I was mesmerized by Manny’s agility. He was slithery, super fast on his feet and with his hands. Even his head was in constant motion. My eyes were so glued to him and the action in the ring I barely paid heed to Yani Agbayani who, during a break, got into a kantiawan match with some Chicano fans of Morales, with Edu trying to pacify Yani.

Fast forward from then to the other Sunday when it became evident to many that the Pacman’s speed had slowed down, such that the nothing but a second rate, trying hard wannabe star boxer named Jeff Horn was able to wrest the Welterweight belt from the multi-titled fighting Senator from Sarangani province in Mindanao. “Mas nimble pa ata sa kanyang gumalaw na ngayon si Mommy Dionisia sa ballroom dance floor,” cracked a friend.

Those pushing for a rematch between Manny and the tHorn on his side point to “compubox” numbers that should have made Pacman the winner of the fight. He landed more punches and had more power punches than his opponent. Catcalls also continue to rain on the referee who appeared timid or tamad to call infractions committed by the challenger, and a judge who seemed clueless about how fights are scored. (Five days before the Battle of Brisbane, my son Alan who’s into stats, aside from PR, boxing and mixed martial arts, predicted that the Thorn would win it by a unanimous decision score of 115-113).

The ones in favor of a rematch feel that Manny should continue to fight and go out, not in defeat but in a blaze of glory and thus bring further honor not only to himself but to his country and kababayans as well.

However, there are those who feel it’s time for Pacquiao to hang up his gloves, rest on his laurels and work full time on his other occupation as a politician.

Those who oppose that position point to the fact that Manny’s performance as a Congressman and Senator are far from impressive, to say the least, compared to his record in the ring. He was seldom seen or heard during his two terms in the Lower House where he filed as Principal Author only one bill. In the Senate, while he is more visible and no longer tongue tied during committee sessions, he has so far only three proposed bills to his name.

Several of my happy hour friends are more radical in their position — they want Manny to voluntarily knock himself out of boxing and politics. They say it’s the best service the Pacman can do for the country at this time.

Wow, masyado naman atang too much. Wadyatink?