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Pacquiao on ethics complaint against Trillanes: Dapat parusahan kung mali, dahil uulit-ulitin ang mali!

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Senator Manny Pacquiao believes that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV should be punished if the Senate found him guilty of unethical conduct.

“Kung sino an nagdisobey sa house rules, kailangan parusah kasi gagawin at gagawin sa susunod na panahon,” said Pacquiao in a TV interview.

Senator Dick Gordon filed an ethics complaint against over Trillanes’ “comite de absuelto” remark during a Senate investigation last August 31. Gordon accused Trillanes of committing “unparliamentary acts and uttered unparliamentary language and exhibited disorderly behavior, which has caused damage to the Senate and to the people.” Pacquiao said the Senate ethics committee has take its time to resolve the complaint because any verdict would be arrived by “collegial decision.”

Pacquiao said he has nothing against Trillanes although he was still bitter at the former Magdalo leader for mocking his spirituality.

“Mabait naman si Trillanes, kumpare ko yan, di kami magkawaay. Sa floor kasi, trabaho ‘yun,” said Pacquiao.

Trillanes made a broadside against Pacquiao when the latter questioned Trillanes’ star witness, retired police officer Arturo Lascañas, if he knew what spiritual renewal meant. Trillanes said that those “who claimed to have a spiritual renewal” did not make them saints.

Pacquiao said that he was offended by Trillanes snarky remarks. “Nainsulto ako. Sabi niya, ‘Pare di naman ikaw ‘yun’. E sino naman ang ganyan dito, ako lang naman,” said Pacquiao who has become a Christian preacher.