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Pagpaliwanagin din kaya ng House? Ex-Comelec chief blasts Gadon, congressmen on Sereno impeachment

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by Xave Gregorio

A former Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman could not contain his outrage at Atty. Lorenzo Gadon and several congressmen in 280 characters that he resorted to a barrage of tweets against them.

Former Comelec chair Sixto Brillantes slammed Gadon and congressmen in a string of tweets during the impeachment hearing last week.

Brillantes questioned Gadon’s intentions in revealing that he received information about an oligarch bribing senators P200 million to acquit Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno from her impeachment, but said he does not believe the allegation.

The former Comelec chair even went as far as mocking Gadon, tweeting, “I have information that Atty. Gadon is crazy, an idiot, and a moron and a publicity seeker. I do not believe that he is a publicity seeker. I am not sure about the rest.”

“If Atty. Gadon does not believe his information that there is an attempted bribe on the Senators why did he publicized the same? Clearly a mere publicity stunt,” Brillantes said in another tweet.

Solons in the House Committee on Justice were also not safe from Brillantes’ ire, who commented on their apparently disrespectful method of throwing questions at resource persons.

“When the resource person is answering, the Congressman is not allowing her to complete her answer. When the resource person wants to explain while the congressman is delivering his speech. The resource person is cautioned to be respectful,” he said.

“33 minutes ng nagtatanong yung congressman siguro wala pang 5 mins nakakasagot yung resource person,” he added in another tweet.

Brillantes hit several unnamed congressmen, but singled out Deputy Speaker Gwendolyn Garcia for her repetitive questions and for not allowing resource persons to speak.

The House Committee on Justice previously issued a show cause order against two Sereno lawyers and a Commission on Human Rights commissioner over their sour comments on the impeachment proceedings.