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Palace blasts UN rapporteur for failing to give heads up on visit

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After getting heaps of insults from President Duterte, a top Palace official slammed United Nations special rapporteur Agnes Callamard on Friday for her lack of professionalism when she went to the country without coordination with the administration.

“Her actions since then, and the circumstances surrounding her current visit, have made it clear that Dr. Callamard is not approaching her assignment professionally or objectively,” Undersecretary Ernesto Abella, Palace spokesman, said.

Abella took Callamard to task when she failed to coordinate with authorities, which is part of the conditions set by the government for her visit in the country.

Abella said the Office of President had sent representatives to the UN led by deputy executive secretary legal affairs Menardo Guevarra and the secretariat of the Presidential Human Rights Committee Undersecretary Severo Catura, who will present the report to the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights on May 8 in Geneva, Switzerland.

“This is a matter we have asked our representatives at the United Nations to take up with their United Nations counterparts and it is something our delegation in Geneva will certainly be raising during their current visit,” he said.

Abella swept under the rugs anew the human rights issues hurled against Duterte, saying that the administration will continue its drug campaign.

“Our commitment to carrying out the President’s social justice agenda remains as strong as our commitment to ensuring that our nation is freed from the damage done daily to millions of our people by the proliferation of illegal drugs throughout our country,” he said.

“The goals associated with these commitments are complementary and the efforts to achieve them are being carried out in a manner that respects our laws,” Abella said.

Callamard is in the country upon invitation of the Commission on Human Rights.