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Pambansang Performers? Duterte wants Mocha Girls to entertain Pinoys worldwide

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Mocha Girls may have just gotten their biggest break with President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacañang.

Duterte on Friday (May 12) expressed interest in getting the all-girls dance group to perform wherever he goes.

Speaking to the Mocha Girls and their leader, Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, in Hong Kong, Duterte told them: “Dapat kayo magpaligaya ng mga Pilipino.”

“Dapat kung saan ako magpunta, dapat nandoon kayo kasi may mga Pilipino eh,” he said.

The five other members of the group, who can’t believe their luck, clapped their hands and exclaimed, “Yehey!”

Uson then thanked the President for not looking down on them because they are dancers.

In response, Duterte said: “Sabi ko nga, if you dance in short pants and t-shirt, you’re not qualified anymore to become president?”

The Mocha Girls, composed of six members including Uson, is known for their sexy and provocative performances.

However, Uson said they have adopted a more conservative image since they campaigned for Duterte for the May 2016 elections.