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Pang-FAMAS ang acting! Controversial rescue of distressed OFWs in Kuwait staged for video – source

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The controversial videos showing Philippine embassy personnel rescuing a distressed overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kuwait were staged, Politiko has learned.

Politiko’s source, a high ranking government official, said the rescue caught on video was reenacted days after the Philippine embassy officials fetched an OFW who asked for help from her residence in Kuwait.

One of the rescued OFWs already had a finished contract, the source added.

The aim of making the videos, the source said, was to score publicity for Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano in preparation for his 2022 presidential bid.

The Department of Foreign Affairs shared the two videos to reporters covering the beat last April with an update on the ongoing rescue of distressed OFWs in Kuwait.

“As many as 26 Filipino domestic helpers who have sent out cries for help were found and rescued this way since April 7,” the DFA said.

Blogger RJ Nieto, an administration supporter, also posted the video on his Facebook page, racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

While netizens hailed the rescue as a brave act on the DFA’s part, Kuwaiti officials were furious because their country was made out to be like a Wild Wild West without peace and order.

It’s no wonder, then, that Kuwaiti officials expelled then-Philippine Ambassador Renato Villa and declared him persona non grata for putting their country in a bad light– all because of Cayetano’s ambition.