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Parang baligtad? Marcos leads fight against historical revisionism

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The person at the forefront of fighting historical revisionism of the Martial Law era under former President Ferdinand Marcos is no other than his own son—former Senator Bongbong Marcos.

Marcos said in a news forum on Monday (January 10) that he has been thwarting attempts at revising the history of his father’s two-decade rule, especially regarding the infrastructure projects the deposed dictator built.

“We have been suffering at these very strong attempts at revisionism, na sinasabing hindi nangyari. Eh nangyari talaga eh!” Marcos said.

He said he has been talking to Marcos-era Cabinet members to pin down their reasons for making certain policy decisions.

“We have been trying to interview them, talk to them, sit down, talk about the policy nung panahon ni Marcos. ‘Yung mga cabinet secretary, bakit niyo ginawa ito, ano bang plano niyo, bakit niyo iniisip ito,” he said.

“We have put together that material in the National Library, in the Marcos Library in the National Library.”

Critics of the former president and victims of his martial rule have scored attempts at historical revisionism, which seeks to sanitize the events that transpired during Ferdinand Marcos’ two-decade rule, including hundreds of human rights violations, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, and billions of pesos stolen from government coffers.