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Party-list politiko lets ladylove use scholars’ allowance as shopping money

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Indigent scholars of a party-list politiko have to contend with meager allowances as the budget for their educational assistance has been slashed, no thanks to his secretary.

The pretty secretary has been reducing the students’ P5,000 monthly allowance by nearly half so she could have a bigger shopping money, causing the poor scholars to receive only P3,000.

Unfortunately, the party-list politiko has been turning a blind eye to his secretary’s shenanigans because they’re having an affair.

It appears that the politiko even condones how his secretary has been dipping her hands into the funds for students’ financial assistance because it allows him to save the money meant as her allowance.

The secretary’s relationship to the politiko has allowed her not just to enrich herself, but throw her weight around as if she were the “second nominee” of his party-list.

The politiko’s romantic involvement with his secretary isn’t surprising considering he’s been ribbed by colleagues as a hot lover.