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Tish’s mom stands by son-in-law Andy Bautista: He’s an honest family man

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The mother of Patricia Bautista is siding with her son-in-law, Commission on Elections chairman Andres Bautista, in their domestic dispute that’s unfolding like a telenovela.

In a statement, Baby Cruz Vasquez described Bautista as an “honest, upright, God-fearing husband and father.”

“He is a man of unquestioned integrity, the kind of man any mother would entrust her daughter to,” she said.

“This is why I cannot believe the accusations against him, even if they are from my own daughter,” Vasquez added.

Patricia’s mother said she was saddened by the Bautistas’ fight because she wants her daughter to be happy.

“Sadly, fairy tales do not always come true,” she said.

Vasquez said she was also pained that her grandchildren had to be dragged into the dispute.

Patricia has accused her estranged husband of amassing unexplained wealth amounting to nearly P1 billion. She believes he got richer by committing questionable acts as Comelec chair and previously, as head of the Presidential Commission on Good Government.

Bautista claims his wife’s accusations are motivated by money. He said she has demanded over P600 million as settlement to end their marriage.

While Vasquez said she is praying for Bautista to remain strong, she hopes her daughter “realizes what are truly important in life.”