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Patunayan niyong taga-USTe kayo! Rector appeals to Aegis Juris members to admit role in Atio’s death

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University of Santo Tomas Rector Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, O.P. urged members of the Aegis Juris fraternity to admit to their “abominable crime” in connection with the death of law student Horacio “Atio” Castillo III.

The Varsitarian, UST’s official student paper, said Dagohoy addressed the hazing controversy for the first time during the mass to mark the 40th day of Castillo’s death on October 27 by making a conscience call to the fraternity members.

Dagohoy expressed hope in his homily that the Aegis Juris members “may value their faith as Thomasians” and confess to their role in Castillo’s death.

“Please pray to God that the perpetrators of this abominable crime admit their faults so that justice may be served,” he said.

After the mass, Dagohoy led the candle-lighting ceremony to remember Castillo.

The 22-year-old student of the Faculty of Civil Law died on October 17 after undergoing hazing by members of the fraternity at the Aegis Juris library just near UST.

Over 60 Aegis Juris members have been tagged in Castillo’s death.

But the fraternity’s secretary, Marc Anthony Ventura, recently made a detailed confession of what happened during Castillo’s hazing in an affidavit he voluntarily submitted to the Department of Justice.

Ventura has been placed under the Witness Protection Program.

According to the Varsitarian, the mass for Castillo was attended by his friends, professors in the Faculty of Civil Law and former mentors in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in political science.

However, there was no mention that his family was present.

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