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The people have spoken! Palace: SWS survey on death penalty confirms House did the right thing

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The results of the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showing three out of five Filipinos support the revival of death penalty for drug-related crimes only proves the House of Representatives heeded the people’s call when it passed the bill about it, Malacañang said Wednesday (April 26).

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the survey is likewise an affirmation of public support for the administration’s platform on peace and order.

“The latest SWS survey showing that 61% of the Filipino people support the proposed death penalty affirms the President’s leadership platform anchored on peace and order as well as his strong stance against illegal hard drugs and criminality,” he said in a statement.

“It also proves that the House of Representatives’ decision last month to pass the death penalty bill is on the right track and accurately reflects the pulse of the Filipino people,” he added.

According to the survey, 61 percent of respondents “strongly or somewhat approve” of the proposal to reinstate capital punishment while 23 percent “somewhat or strongly disapprove.”

The figures correspond to a “good” +38 net approval of the proposal to revive the death penalty.

However, the same survey also showed that 52 percent of respondents have “either only a little or almost no knowledge” about bill, 13 percent have “extensive knowledge” about it, while 35 percent said they had “partial but sufficient knowledge” regarding House Bill 4727, which was passed by the House on third and final reading last March.

Abella said the President is determined to fulfill his promise to make a safer and more secure place for the people.