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PH drug problem ‘exaggerated’, a ‘myth’: Human Rights Watch accuses Duterte of creating a ‘false crisis’

Mar 2, 2017 @ 10:32

The Human Rights Watch has called President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal drug war “an organized, government-sanctioned campaign of executions of drug suspects” built on a “myth” or inflated to fit his presidential campaign message and fill his bloodlust.

Human Rights Watch’s emergencies director, Peter Bouckaert‎ said there was no evidence to support Duterte’s claim that the Philippines has turned into a narco-state or “in the grip of a severe drug crisis, but the evidence doesn’t support that.”

Bouckaert said that the Filipinos’ consumption of shabu was not bigger than the consumption of meth in the United States.

“But Duterte has created this myth of a country descending into a lethal drug crisis and has advocated mass extrajudicial violence against ‘drug lords’ as the only solution to this false crisis. Yet the vast majority of those killed are very poor urban slum dwellers,” said Bouckaert‎.

“His ‘tough on crime’ image dates back to his two decades as mayor of Davao City in Mindanao, when he was a cheerleader for killing petty criminals, small-time drug dealers, and street children by the ‘Davao Death Squad.’ Our research then linked the death squad to local government officials and the police,” he added.

Bouckaert said Duterte’s drug myth was no different from his fabrication that he came from a poor family.

“Duterte’s populist base applauds the mass killings as reducing crime. He tries to scare people about drug problems and then portrays himself as the only solution. Like many populists, he’s built this myth around himself as a champion of the poor, but actually he comes from a very powerful political dynasty,” said Bouckaert who noted that most of the 7,000 killed in his drug war voted him to power.

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  • Gerald1521

    Bouckaert is a totally INSANE it’s very FUNNY this Guy… how could you imagine that drugs in the Philippines is only a MYTH? holy cow!… are you Filipino Citizen risiding our country???/ What a Shame!… hahaha!

    • Redseptember

      No, Bouckaert is not a funny guy; he is annoying as he is irritating as he is a threat which needs to be taught a lesson and exterminated.

  • Redseptember

    Peter Bouckaert, no doubt, has absolutely no idea what he is talking about, has no idea of what it’s like being pestered with lawless elements. Where citizens used to roam freely at night, they would not have, had addicts roamed the streets in the wee hours of the night for fear of either being raped, killed or both. While he talks, he may have been in a euphoric state, thinking that every word he says is unequivocally true, and that the country where he comes from is absolutely drug-free, and that everything is just hunky dory. Well, mack, to tell you frankly racial discrimination, mafia, yakuza and other syndicates may be thriving in your country, and you may just happen to be in their payroll. As such, you view our President a threat to your organization. And you mask your stinking shit by your dubious know how of human rights. How in hell did you happen to be a human rights watcher, in the first place? You may have earned yourself a doctorate in the field of law, maybe. And now, you seem to be fighting for the very cause of these worldwide syndicate, because they maybe paying you handsomely for it. But, hell, yeah, I’ve got news for you, pal. Once your full identity has been unmasked, there are only two places where you may go: Jack and Shit, but Jack left town. With Jack gone, who do you think remained? SHIT, is it not?

  • Ronnie Molina

    Thank you Bouckaert. It gives us hope that the International community is not deaf and blind like the Duterte followers. Ignore the threats and troll reasoning. They read nothing but fake news. Please continue to put pressure on this evil administration to change their ways – before the Philippine economy slides further down the grave hole.

    • Jose Diola

      what are you smoking!

  • mikhail bradley

    Bouckaert is wrong the philippines is a narco state. Even the president is addicted to the drug fentanyl hahaha. My only hope is that when all is said and done The president reserves a bullet for himself.

  • Jose Diola

    Ow Bouckaert wow, in our area many people are self confessed drug user/dealer and you tell right in my face that “Yeah, you have nothing to worry about coz its just a myth”. okay everything I see is just a myth. Probably we all just living under a matrix and neo will come someday to save us all. We are probably living in a flat earth and I don’t exists… Thanks Bouckaert for being a genius ape.


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