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Piñol slams fired Evasco protégé for sowing intrigues among Duterte men: Sa inyo na lang yang away bata

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Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol said he won’t allow himself to be dragged into a petty quarrel with other officials of the Duterte administration concocted by a “dismissed Malacanang Undersecretary.”

Pińol was referring to fired Undersecretary Maia Chiara Halmen Valdez, a protégé of Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco, who accused Pińol and National Food Authority Administrator Jason Aquino of undermining Evasco’s powers in the NFA Council. Valdez even suggested that Special Assistant to the President Bong Go has taken the side of Pińol and Aquino and froze out Evasco from the President.

Pińol pointed out that he was opposed not only to the proposal of Evasco to import through through private traders but also to a separate proposal of Aquino to import through government channels. Pińol said his stand was for the NFA to buy the rice harvest of local farmers.

“The differences that I have with Secretary Evasco and Administrator Aquino on the issue of importing rice by the private sector or the NFA do not mean that I have a quarrel with them,” said Pińol.

In a statement, Pińol said: “To those who are trying to drag me into a quarrel with other officials of this administration, you will fail in your attempt. I don’t fight petty quarrels. I have a bigger battle in front of me and that is the fight against poverty and hunger in the country.”

“This the fight that I will focus myself on. Sa inyo na lang yang away bata. Di ako mahilig dyan,” said Pinol.

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