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Politiko hits jackpot: Wife, brother to get juicy posts from PNoy

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A local politiko is set to reap the rewards of his unwavering loyalty and obedience to President Benigno Aquino III as his relatives will soon be appointed to juicy post in the executive branch and judiciary, Politiko has learned.

The loyal administration ally’s wife is set to be named to a newly formed commission with a fixed term while his brother will be appointed as the newest justice of the Sandiganbayan.

As if the two plum posts are not enough incentives for the local politiko, he is also assured of a win in the May elections since he is running unopposed.

However, everything isn’t rosy for the politiko since he has to forego his heart’s desire to campaign for another presidential bet and instead support the candidacy of administration standard bearer Mar Roxas.

Perhaps the politiko may soon forget his wants as soon as he sees his relatives enjoying the perks of their new offices.