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Psychic pala eh! Duterte made pivot to China knowing Trump would win— NEDA chief

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President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t just a brilliant architect of foreign policy, but also a psychic who foresaw the shocking win of Donald Trump in the United States presidential race.

Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia on Wednesday (Nov. 9) said Trump’s imminent victory in the American elections was one of the reasons why Duterte decided to forge closer ties with China instead of continuing the Philippines’ longstanding reliance on the US.

“He foresaw—he’s [President Duterte] a clairvoyant—there’s this likelihood of Trump becoming US president. So he decided to pivot to China instead of depending on the US,” Pernia said at the sidelines of the Philippine Development Forum in Davao City.

“We’re now diversifying our friendship so that we don’t crash when the country we depend on is in trouble. That’s one saving grace I could see at this point, [although] it’s hard to speculate [on the impact of Trump’s win on economic relations between the Philippines and the US]. But let’s look at the positive—we’re rebalancing for greater integration with Asia,” he added.

Duterte has slammed the US several times in the first four months of his term for meddling in his administration’s war against drugs and failing to apologize for the atrocities Americans committed when the Philippines was still a US colony.

The President, however, congratulated Trump shortly after he won the US elections and wished him success as the new Commander in Chief of the most powerful country in the world.