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Pwede na ba Daddy Digong? Mocha Uson asks if Kitty Duterte can join Mocha Girls

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Is a showbiz career also a possibility for President Rodrigo Duterte’s youngest daughter, Veronica?

Communications Secretary Mocha Uson has raised the prospect of an entertainment stint for Veronica, otherwise known as Kitty, when she posted a photo of Duterte’s teenage daughter with her and the members of her all-female performance group Mocha Girls, on her Facebook page.

The photo taken Friday (May 12) showed Uson, Kitty and the Mocha Girls doing the signature “Duterte pose” with their arms outstretched and fists clenched. Its caption read: “Pwede na bang mocha girl si Kitty?”

The picture was taken in Hong Kong, where the President and other government officials have been staying for a meeting with the Filipino community.

The Mocha Girls is known for their sexy performances and skimpy outfits.

Uson, however, said the group has adopted a more conservative image since it began campaigning for Duterte for the 2016 polls.

Should Kitty make a foray into showbiz, she will by no means be the only Duterte in the industry.

Her half brother, Sebastian, was recently launched as a reality travel show host for “Lakbai.”