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QCPD’s Eleazar denies cops stalked Ateneo rally to intimidate: Baka lang mag-traffic!

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The director of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has denied that policemen visited the site of a rally by members of the Ateneo de Manila University’s (ADMU) community to intimidate.

In a memo to the Ateneo community Friday (August 25), university president Fr. Jose Ramon “Jett Villarin” said he had a dialogue with Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar to clarify why two policemen on board an unlicensed police vehicle lingered at Gate 2.5 while around 40 to 50 students and faculty members held a protests against extrajudicial killings on Thursday (August 24).

“Gen. Eleazar conveyed his reassurance that the presence of the police yesterday was not meant to intimidate or harass the participants of the mobilization. It was to provide protection and assist in traffic control,” he said.

Quoting Eleazar, Villarin said the police vehicle had no license plate because it was newly issued by the city government.

The police chief apologized if the Ateneo community felt threatened by the presence of cops.

According to The Guidon, ADMU’s official student paper, the policemen asked a female ADMU staff member about the reason for the protest and who its leaders were.

While the female staff member did not respond to the cops’ query, the rallyists felt threatened by their presence and thus went back inside the campus.

The school paper said the cops continued to linger in the area long after the crowd had dispersed.

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