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Rated SPG! Duterte curses, threatens to kill in front of toddlers

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Parents of toddlers studying at Davao City’s Center for Brighter Beginnings could only wince while President Rodrigo Duterte spoke at the school’s silver anniversary since he did not hold back on cursing.

Not even the presence of toddlers deterred Duterte from hurling invectives and threatening to kill criminals.

To be fair, the President began his speech Friday (October 27) addressing the youth, saying he only goes after the bad guys because he wants them to grow up safely.

But after a few seconds, the threats and cursing began.

“Sabi ko, ‘Klaro man yan. I told you before, if I get to be mayor, at piliin ako ng tao, do not destroy my city. I am not a policeman. I am not a soldier. But I‟ll build a city for you. Do not do these things because — diretsuhan na tayo — I will kill you,'” he said.

“Nung nag-Presidente ako, yung tingin ko talaga how things would evolve in a — in a country and in communities, ganun din ang sinabi ko. ‘Do not destroy my country and do not destroy our only assets in this planet, our children. Put —pag nagkamali ka diyan, talagang papatayin kita,'” he added.

Duterte said he had to take a drastic measures against drug suspects because of the gravity of the problem in the country.

“I‟m not questioning about it. I’m just saying that if you create a problem for us, I will take you out. I will take you out. Bahala na kung anong sabihin ng t*** i**** human rights na yan,” he said.

Duterte maintained that the police can use force to overcome a drug suspect when his life is in danger.

“Sinabi ko talaga, ‘Either sumama ka sa akin ng buhay, p***** i** ka o papatayin kita. Dalhin kita either sa istasyon o sa purenarya. Mamili ka,'” he said.