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Recto to Duterte: Stop ‘endo’ in government too

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As government reiterates warning vs labor contractualization, Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto urged the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte “practice what it preaches” by regularizing the employment of its thousands of casual workers.

In a statement, Recto said that the government should “open a pathway to regular employment for thousands of casuals who are eligible for permanent civil service.”

He also called for a bureaucracy-wide inventory of temporary workers in the public sector under various rampant hiring schemes like “job order (JO)”, “emergency hiring (EH)”, and “Memorandum of Agreement” which are all synonyms for “endo-prone employment.”

The senator was referring to the popular shorthand for “end of contract” or the termination of work after a fixed period which candidates in the last presidential elections vowed to end if elected to office.

Recto described the size of casual government employees in the government today as “as big as the Army.”
After teachers and soldiers, they are the third biggest class of workers, he said.

He cited the last inventory of government personnel – done by the Civil Service Commission in 2010 – which pegged the number of contractual workers at 21,315 and casual workers at 97,951 or nearly 120,000.