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Reds ain’t seeking peace: Duterte reveals communists’ demand for coalition government

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President Rodrigo Duterte already had an inkling that peace talks with the communists will fail because they are demanding to lead the country alongside government.

In a speech at the Scout Rangers Regiment’s 67th anniversary Friday (November 24), Duterte said he had known about the demand for a coalition government as talks with the National Democratic Front (NDF) were shaping up.

“That is why I said in the previous days, I cannot give you what I do not own. And certainly, a coalition government with the Republic of the Philippines is pure nonsense,” he said.

Nevertheless, Duterte said he proceeded with the peace talks until recently so he cannot be accused of not reaching out to the communists.

Achieving peace with the communists was one of Duterte’s campaign promises.

He, however, decided to end peace talks this week after getting fed up with the New People’s Army’s attacks.

Duterte on Thursday (November 23) signed Proclamation No. 360 formally ending negotiations with the NDF.