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Release me now! De Lima insists she’s detained on fake charges

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In trying to convince the Supreme Court to release her from jail, Sen. Leila de Lima claimed that she was ordered arrested and detained on the basis of fake charges.

In filing her memorandum before the high court, the detained senator raised the apparent confusion on the crime she’s being accused of as originally she was being charged for consummated trading in dangerous drugs, yet the Office of the Solicitor General claimed she actually committed the crime of conspiracy to commit trading in illegal drugs.

This violates her constitutional right to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation against her, De Lima said.

“In plain terms, the Petitioner was charged and arrested for the wrong crime. She must therefore be released without delay as every moment of confinement is unconstitutional,” hr lawyers said in her filed Memorandum.

Furthermore, the case filed against her for trading in illegal drugs is a case of political persecution rather than a legitimate prosecution, they said.

“What makes (her) case special is (the government’s) willingness to use the strong arm of the law to persecute (her) simply to fulfill one man’s promise to make her rot in jail,” they said, adding that the charged “are manifestly false and brought before a court that is manifestly without jurisdiction, simply to satisfy lust for vengeance.”

The senator and her lawyers assailed the jurisdiction of the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court (RTC) insisting that the Sandiganbayan and not a regular court has jurisdiction over high public officials accused of committing crimes using their government positions.