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Rene Saguisag wants to decriminalize drugs: Para wala nang pusher!

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Former senator Rene Saguisag has an unconventional solution to end the sale of narcotics in the country: decriminalize illegal drugs.

In his November 10 opinion piece for the Manila Times, Saguisag noted that Portugal is one of the countries that decriminalized all drugs because it sees users as “sick frail people to be saved and rehabbed, not criminals to be destroyed by a prison record.”

“Decriminalizing should kill the syndicates because the state will supply for free, or at nominal cost, in rehab facilities what syndicates charge in humongous sums. Kill the profit motive and kill trafficking,” he said.

Saguisag said he was puzzled that the University of the Philippines Manila is opposed to the legislation of marijuana’s use for medical purposes considering at least three former United States Presidents used them at one point in their lives.

“Bill Clinton, Dubya Bush and Barack Obama all flirted with Mary Jane, which may explain why Bill, as sexual predator, later romanced Moooannniiicccaa Lewinsky,” he said.

Saguisag said even the Catholic Church in the Philippines supports the use of medical marijuana for debilitating illnesses.