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Resign na ba? Duterte: I’m no longer at peace with myself

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Despite the power that his office brings, President Rodrigo Duterte has found that it can also get lonely at the top.

In a speech at the 17th founding anniversary of Digos in Davao Del Sur Friday (September 8), Duterte confessed he wants to quit.

“In all honesty, I want to resign. I am not happy anymore. I thought I would be happy for all time, but the sheer burden of the Presidency is really taking its toll,” he said in Bisaya.

“I no longer have the luxury of being at peace with myself. That’s why I would really fly to Davao because it’s only there that I get energized. In Malacañang, I’m all alone,” Duterte added.

The President has said he will resign if anyone proves a member of his family is involved in corruption, as long as the evidence didn’t come from Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.