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Robredo’s proud mommy moment: Daughter Aika accepted to Harvard, Oxford

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Will politiko scion Aika Robredo choose Harvard over Oxford for further studies on public administration?

Vice President Leni Robredo is in cloud nine after receiving good news that her eldest daughter has been accepted to Harvard Kennedy School and University of Oxford for a masters’ degree program.

“Please allow me to be a proud parent again. Received a little bit of good news one after another. Aika got accepted for the Masters Degree programs she was applying for at both Harvard and Oxford, her two top choices. While nothing is definite yet as she is still waiting for the approval of her scholarship applications, these came just at the right time,” Robredo wrote on Facebook.

The Vice President described Aika as “her father’s daughter,” remembering the late Secretary Jess Robredo’s milestones also came amid “difficult circumstances.”

“This brings to mind our celebrated milestones in the past. Jesse’s TOYM, TOYP, Ramon Magsaysay Awards, his acceptance to Harvard, etc. all came at the heels of difficult circumstances. And then this. Another lesson in faith. God is truly just,” Robredo said.

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