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Rody to cops entangled in drug cases due to his campaign: I got your back!

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While his apologists scramble to say that there is no state sanction to kill drug personalities, President Rodrigo Duterte took responsibility on Monday (DEc. 12, 2016) on answering the controversy hounding the sudden increase in the number of drug-related deaths including the slaying of drug suspects.

“Human rights? Blah blah blah. Hayaan mo ba. I will answer for that. Basta sabi ko sa pulis pati military. Do not do anything that is illegal. If you have to work, work well,” he said.

For every dutiful cop who has been facing drug-charges due to harassment by suspects or drug gangs, Duterte said he will try her best to protect them provided that they are in the right path. “At protektahan ko kayo. Na ‘yung sa Jolo, may insinuation ito si, ‘yung asawa ni Samson. Anong pangalan niya? Basta ‘yung asawa ni Samson. ‘Yung gumanon sa poste,” he said.

Duterte repeated that he is dead serious in dealing with drugs– at least during his late age.

“And we said, dito, when I was already President, if you destroy my country, I will simply kill you. And if you deprive us of our generation of our young, dito sa Pilipinas, talagang hihiritan kita. What’s wrong with that?,” he said.

“Ako natuloy ang, biggest drug protector ng kanyang korona man ‘yan. Huwag niyang ibigay sa akin. G***, halimaw talaga,” Duterte said.