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What about rule of law? Makabayan backs Kadamay’s ‘occupy’ action

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Are Makabayan lawmakers–some of whom were recently ousted from their plum posts in the House of Representatives (HOR)–instigating chaos and lawlessness?

Such is the question following their expression of support for the series of militant actions led by urban poor group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay), particularly regarding the occupation of thousands of idled and vacant houses in government relocation sites in Bulacan.

This “occupy” protest action started last March 8.

“The organized occupation of idled and vacant public housing units is a response to the continuing failure of government to provide decent mass housing for the poor and homeless. There is no one to blame but government itself for the housing crisis,” the leftist bloc said in a statement Monday, March 20.

“The occupants are poor informal settlers, renters, and sharers who have been uprooted from urban poor communities in the National Capital Region, often through violent demolitions.

With houses demolished, families of sharers and renters were forced by poverty to live with resettlement beneficiaries in cramped 20 square meter houses,” the solons further said.

Of the seven Makabayan House politikos, Bayan Muna Party-list Rep. Carlos Zarate (Committee on Natural Resources), ACT-Teachers Party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio (Public Information), Gabriela Party-list Rep. Emmi de Jesus (Poverty Alleviation) were removed from their respective chairmanships last March 15 as a result of their “no” vote to the death penalty restoration bill.

As of now, the militant solons remain with the pro-administration Supermajority.

But does the occupy action reek of anarchy? Apparently the group disagrees.

“On the contrary, what we are witnessing is an organized action of homeless victims of violent demolitions and failed resettlement programs of government to boldly assert and claim their right to mass housing, decent shelter and a dignified standard of living,” they said. #