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Sa probinsya na mag-negosyo! Duterte predicts Manila will be dead in 25 years

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President Rodrigo Duterte wants industries to be scattered across provinces instead of being concentrated in Metro Manila, which is already congested with buildings and people.

In his speech at the Kapampangan Food Festival Thursday (December 7), Duterte said Manila “is no longer an option for industries.”

“Manila I think will be in about 25 years, will be a dead city. It will start to decay and there is no way that we can rehab the place. You have to disperse the crowd, limit the factories at some time in the future,” he said.

Duterte mentioned Clark as a viable relocation site for industries. He, however, said there will be some “difficulty” if companies move to Batangas or Cavite.

For industries to be dispersed across provinces, Duterte said it is important that the proper infrastructure and transport system be built.

“The most important thing is there has to be a transport better — mass or if there are too many cars, then we have to expand the highways,” he said.